10 Social Media Posting Ideas

Social Media Tips and Tricks

Don't know what to post to Facebook and Twitter? Here is a list of 10 different types of posts to get you started that will work with almost every small business social media strategy. Sample posts have been included.

  1. Customer announcements (sales, offers, etc.). Example: We're. Schedule your oil change for today and get $10 off our regular price of $29.95. This offer is only good today - April 18.
  2. Shout out to good customers. Example: Scott Johnson's dog, Charlie, just earned Champion status. Congratulations, Scott!
  3. Company news. Example: We just were honored by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the best places to work in Baltimore, MD. Click for more info.
  4. Personal messages from staff that project your personality and have the potential to engage residents. Example: Can you believe that Larry from Client Services is a huge Red Sox fan? Doesn't he realize he lives in New York City now? Go NYY!
  5. Charitable giving/events announcements. Example: Ardmore Toyota donates $7500 to victims in Japan.
  6. Reminders and announcements. Example: It's almost pool season. Don't forget to schedule pool opening service.
  7. Payments are due! Example: Just a friendly reminder that you will be charged February 1 for your gym membership.
  8. Interesting links. Make sure you've read the entire article or viewed the entire video you are linking to.
  9. A specific special. Even better, why not try a social media specific bonus. It's best to limit highly commercial messages to about once a month. Example: Our customer referral bonus is normally $100, but it's $200 for our Facebook fans now through September, 2011.
  10. “Elf yourself” and similar.