4Marketshare Customer Tips

Create a Following

Use social media to encourage client engagement! Customers who follow your Facebook page, Twitter stream or blog will receive updates from your company, keeping them informed about offers, events and company news. The only way your customers will know about 4Marketshare and your social media initiatives is if you tell them. Here are some ideas:

  • Link to your Blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts from your website or residents page.
    (Click here for buttons you can use on your website)
  • Send an email to your customers and prospects.
    (Click here for an email template)
  • Give out bookmarks or small handouts encouraging customers and prospects to follow you to access deals and offers.
    (Click here for a flyer template)
  • Add your blog, Facebook and Twitter links to the signatures of all staff emails.
  • If possible, add links to any invoices that are mailed out.
  • If you have a physical store, remind retail clients to check out your social media sites.

How to Best Use 4Marketshare Support

  • There are multiple people who handle posting. For fastest service, fill out this online form or email support@4marketshare.com with posts or task questions, rather than your account manager
  • Take advantage of your monthly call with your account manager
  • Remember we need some time to make posts. Send posts 24 (and preferably 48) hours in advance of when they need to be live
  • Get a login to our CMS platform so you can make emergency posts and access your analytics
  • Fill out this form and we will set up your email alerts for you so you can start easily monitoring your social media pages
  • Send post requests for planned events in a monthly batch - we can schedule posts in advance
  • Think of ways you can put social media on “autopilot” - for instance, if you can, tell us to check your event calendar the last week of the month and post event notices two weeks in advance of the event as well as post a reminder on the day of the event

Tell us what is happening in your business or organization

The more we can post information that pertains specifically to your business or organization, the more your stakeholders will see 4Marketshare and your social media initiatives as an important source for company information. Send us information about offers, specials, events or company news.