Fan Base Building

11 Twitter and Facebook Tips & Tricks

11 tips you can implement for little to no cost to help build your fan base.

  1. Put Facebook and Twitter links on your website that direct users to your social media pages.
  2. If you meet resistance from website vendors about including links to your site, be persistent, explain the benefits, and don’t take no for an answer!
  3. Put Facebook and Twitter links in your email signature.
    • If you can put html in your email signature, you can add links to your social media services. Your email signature should include hyperlinks or icons that link to your Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile or page, as well as to your blog.
    • Want to include Twitter, Facebook, and blog images in your email signature? Contact us about our 4Marketshare offerings, and we'll send you images that are properly sized and ready to use.
    • If you use Outlook, you may not be able to add html into your signature even when the settings are correct. If this happens to you, ask your IT team for help. Need help setting up a signature in Outlook? Here are instructions for Outlook 2007.
  4. Put Facebook and Twitter names on print materials. As you replace your business cards, brochures, and other print materials, consider integrating social media contact info. You can print your profile names, or direct people to click links on your website. The key is to get prospects to “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. That way, even if they choose not to work with you right away, they will be kept in the loop about your services and offerings, so when they need them, they’ll come to you!
  5. Add social media information to inexpensive handouts and freebie. Try giving bookmark-sized handouts to prospects that direct them to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  6. Advertise your social media sites in your email and print newsletters. Make sure to highlight the benefits of liking or following you. If you're a 4Marketshare client, we have text you can use. Just contact us.
  7. Email your current clients. Send an email blast with links to your social media sites, and encourage them to visit. If you're a 4Marketshare client, we have a template for you to use. Just contact us.
  8. If you have a physical location, put a sign in your store or office to remind both prospects and customers to like or follow you. If you're a 4Marketshare client, we have a sign ready to go for your use. Just ask us.
  9. Ask vendors and other business stakeholders to follow you. This will help you tap into their network of followers. Ask vendor partners to retweet special offers.
  10. Promote a contest. Use social media to help build excitement for a contest you’re holding. For guidelines about contests and sweepstakes, see this article. Remember, Facebook is constantly updating their rules for running promotions, click here for their most recent guidelines. Plus, 4Marketshare can post and run a sweepstakes to your Facebook page, and everyone that likes or visits your page can enter to win great prizes. There is no cost to add this to your page for most 4Marketshare customers, just let us know you are interested.
  11. There is one more tactic you can employ to build a fan base, but we DO NOT recommend it. We’re including it just to cover all bases, and because some companies ask about this: actively searching customers on social media and asking them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. This activity is time consuming, and also next to impossible if any of your customers have relatively common names. Plus, some customers may feel that it’s an invasion of privacy.