Learning Center

Social Media Tips and Tricks

for Small Businesses

We've compiled a list of best practices to help small business owners get the most out of social media. Tips include information anyone can use as well as specific support for 4Marketshare clients.

Tips and Tricks

Why Socialize?
Discussion presenting reasons why social media should be part of your business's social media mix.

How to Increase Your Fan Base
Specific, ready to implement ideas to help you build your social media following for your small business or organization.

Posting Basics
General information to help you create a posting strategy including advice on how often to post.

10 Post Ideas
10 different types of posts you can use that will fit within the framework of almost any organization's social media campaign.

Facebook Set-up Tips for Businesses
Learn how to take advantage of all of the apps and features that are available to businesses and organizations that use Facebook pages.

Photos and Copyright Issues
Follow these simple rules to avoid headaches and potential legal action.